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Macro Express Pro help in Chicago area?

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Just discovered Macro Express and it looks like it will be the answer to my dreams. Since I was forced to stop using the DOS version of WordPerfect 4.2 (when would that have been?) I have never used a macro. WP4.2 had the most easy, intuitive way to capture keystrokes. I guess Word has macros, but it seemed that you had to be a programmer to use them. I have a trial copy of Macro Express Pro and I am determined to learn to use it and buy it. My immediate need is to maniputlate Word documents, then to copy things from Word and paste them into ProCite, a database program. I actually was able, after much trial and error, to create a macro in MEPro that would make one such cut and paste operation, but I cant figure out how to start the macro again so that it will continue to operate in a loop. WP4.2 called this "concatenating macros" and it was easy as pie. Another problem I had was that I couldn't figure out how to stop recording the macro. It seemed to take over my machine and my mouse was all over the place, apparently trying to execute the macro. I finally had to go to Explorer and delete the macro.


I have downloaded the pdf of the manual, and if I can't get personal help, I suppose I will eventually figure out how to make MEPro work. But being a relatively old dog, I would love to be able to cut to the chase and have someone sit down with me and walk me through a simple capture process. I can't imagine it would take more than an hour and I will pay what is needed. I'm in Oak Park, Illinois, but will bring my laptop to anywhere in the Chicago area where I could get such a one-on-one tutorial.


Thanks, Bob


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Bob -- I am in the San Francisco area, and I routinely work with people in all parts of the country using WebEx/Phone meetings. With a WebEx meeting I can see your screen and even take control of your computer if you give me permission. The only requirements are that you have a high speed internet connection and a phone near your computer. I charge by the hour and am happy to teach you or write macros for you. Feel free to give me a call on 415-482-8029 or check me out on my website: john@themacroexpert.com


John Greiner

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Hi Bob,


An alternative would be to use help in this forum.


For the best results, avoid generalities. IOW, keep your questions as specific as possible. Show us a macro you've written and describe precisely what results it gives versus what you wanted. Often this will mean isolating a small part of your macro and rewriting it as a demo of the problem or issue or learning point you're asking about. You might want to start with your 'loop' problem. Maybe you don't want the entire macro to be repeated, but only a section of it (between the Repeat and End Repeat commands). In all cases try to describe your ultimate objective, as there may be more efficient ways of achieving it than the one you're grappling with.


I can recommend Weinpert's book, although there are quite a lot of features in ME Pro (particularly dealing with variables) that are a little different to the earlier ME.


And the Search box top right should be well-used before posting.


Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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I'm in Fallbrook CA but I too will train clients remotely though I often find a phone call will suffice. But I will warn that 90% of my free initial consultation calls end up with me proposing a better tactic than the client originally envisioned. Often users are unaware of many existing tricks and utilities that can be used for their task. If you're interested send me a PM or use the contact form on my website.


As for the specific question look at the Repeat commands.


Word uses VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) for macros so it's very much a programmer's language. However they have a good recorder feature to get you started and for most simple tasks that's usually enough. However doing anything outside of Word becomes a little more challenging.

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