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I don't use the On Error routine very much, so perhaps the following has an obvious answer. I have a macro that first opens a folder and thought I'd better include a check for the folder's existence. But it never seems to get executed, even when the folder plainly doesn't exist as in this simplified example:


Open Folder to "Q:\xyz\abc" // On Error set to 'The path does not exist', 'Handle error'.
On Error
Catch Error: The path does not exist
Text Box Display: // Display "The folder doesn't exist."
End Catch Error
End Error


Also, if I set the On Error option to Prompt for action in the Open Folder command, no prompting occurs.


In summary, if a non-existent folder is specified in the Open Folder command, the macro just sails through and ignores it.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK


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Please report the problem. I have experimented with error handling in MEP, but not found the feature particularly reliable, especially the "Halt macro" option. "Prompt for action" works better for me.


I will also start reporting error handling problems to Insight.

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