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can ME open a second file on opening the first one ?


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Hi to evryone.

recently I tried to make a little macro, but it keeps biting its own tail


This is what I want to achieve: I've got a couple of files, let's say A, B, C etc.

And every file has an adherent file, let's say a, b, c.

When opening the A file, I'd liked the a file to be opened automaticly too.

(the A file-window and the a file- window appear next to eachother)

When messing around with A, B, and C, I want on changing the focus of the motherfile, the focus of the childfile to change along.


So I made this little macro:

macro activation is: Window Title (for example the title of the openened A file-window)

macro command is: Program Launch >> path of the a file (I couldn't find a File Launch command)



This does the job, A and a, B and b appear every time in a pair, as wanted, but..... working with the A a pair, I can't get the focus back to the A window, because immediately the focus goes to the childwindow a. And the only way to close A is using the Windows taskmanager.


It's a nice confusing puzzle.


Thanks in advance for any hint, suggestion or answer











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Thanks Samrae, for helping me.

I'm afraid it's not working for me, yet

I tried several commands: Set Window Order, and Activate Window, but the point is that the moment the A-window gets the focus the macro will run again and load the a-window, and set focus to it.

I discovered some sort of workaround though: when I dubbleclick twice in the A-window I seem to be able to overrule the restarting of the macro, and be able to enter the A-window.

I wonder if it would be possible to work with a variable ?

I tried with the Get Variable filename command, but then I don't know in which command to place the retrieved varable.

Any other thoughts ?



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There are commands that enable and disable a macro. A disabled macro will still run it just won't be activated again. Would it work to have macro A launch, disable itself, launch macro a, and either enable itself before finishing or have a process that later enables macro A? Maybe something like this:

// This is macro A
Macro Disable: A
Variable Set String %T9% from Window Title
// Do some stuff
Macro Run: a
// Do more stuff
Macro Enable: A
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