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Adding varied text into variables.

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I get this data into clipboard

ID: 0555

Name: Steve
Job Title: Mop guy
Email: aol@aol.com
Phone: 973/555-5555
I would like to make each field into a variable.
example. data for ID = 0555 creating 0555 at T1 and so on with the rest.
Steve = T2
Mop guy = T3
aol@aol.com = T4


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I would set a variable to the contents of the clipboard then split it into an array Using CR LF. Then I would delete the appropriate number of characters in each to remove the labels.

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So, something like this:

Variable Set to ASCII Char 13 to %CR%
Variable Set to ASCII Char 10 to %LF%
Variable Set String %Clipboard% from the clipboard contents
Split String "%Clipboard%" on "%CR%%LF%" into %Record%, starting at 1
// Here:
  %Record[1]% holds the first line, "ID: 0555"
  %Record[2]% holds the second line, "Name: Steve"
  %Record[3]% holds "Job Title: Mop guy"

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