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Change scope/suspend on many macro's all at once?

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Many of our workstations, including mine, use WordPerfect along with scores of entries in its QuickCorrect tool. Many of those are identical to some of the shortkeys I have in my computer in MacroExpress.


Since I have both WordPerfect and MacoExpress on my machine, and the MEx scopes are set to "global", sometimes the two programs don't play well together ............; i.e., BOTH quickCorrect and the corresponding macro will type the word, and I get "Plaintiffplaintiff".


Eventually, in WordPerfect, I'll change the prefix from a period to a comma, and that should do it. In the meanwhile, can you suggest a way for me to change the scope of the involved macros on my one workstation, all at once using MacroExpress?


I'd like to be able to highlight all the 100+ items and right-click to change the Scope on all of them to "Global Except" WordPerfect.


Is there any way to do something like that?


Jeffrey Mazor


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