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I need help creating a variable

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I'm just getting back to using ME Pro after 2.5 years of not using it; I am trying to create a macro that will automatically email a file when same is placed in a certain folder. Specifically, when a document called 99999ID.pdf (the 9's representing variable numbers, the ID.pdf being fixed) is placed in the folder, I want the macro to email the file, then move it.


If I understand the process correctly, the macro must be set up to call a variable to get the file - since it won't always have the same name. However, I don't understand how to create that variable. I assume calling any file with ID.pdf would be fine, but as I don't know how to code that, I'm lost.


I appreciate any help you pro's can give me.



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First I would use the activation that monitors a folder for changes. You didn't mention activation but I thought I would toss it out there.


Once activated I would Repeat With Folder. You will define your variable here, EG %DropFile%. For each file that matches your criteria, email then move. I recommend you add a condition like If Contains "ID.PDF" unless your are 100% certain there will be no more files. . Otherwise it might try to email you the hidden thumbs.db file.

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