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Where is the category column in the MEX Explorer

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When you hover your mouse on the | between the columns in the header the mouse cursor changes. When it does, press and hold your mouse button and drag the width left or right. This should resize the columns and get the Category displayed. Also, when the columns do not fit there is a horizontal scroll bar to move them so you can see the ones that are not displayed.

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Thanks Samrae,


this indeed is changing the width of the columns but it does not make the category column visible!


The only 7 visible columns are (in that order from the left side)

  • Icon
  • Nickname
  • Activations
  • Scope
  • Index
  • Modified
  • Last Run Time

Thank You


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Odd. I cannot get the Category column to disappear no matter what I try. To get it back try this:


- Close Macro Express Pro - Explorer

- Right-click the M icon in the notification area (near the clock). On some versions of Windows you might need to click something to get it to appear.

- Click Tools, Restore Window Positions.

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