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Scrolling the multiple choice menu

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I have a multiple choice menu of 70 items, I currently use the ampersand jump but I get asked frequently why the scroll wheel does not work. Is this a known bug? To scroll the column you have to actually click the scroll bar itself of the up/down arrows.


Also if anyone knows a way to display the 70items in one page that would be even better. Thanks


*Edit; MacroExpress PRO - v4.1.6.1

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If you post a sample I can try it on mine.


I wrote a complex macro once that would calculate the window size for a multiple choice based on the number of items to thus eliminate the scroll bars. Turned out to be way more complicated than I thought.

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<COMMENT Value="Site Code %[T31]%"/>
<VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%T[31]%" Value="START"/>
<MULTIPLE CHOICE MENU Style="\x00" Result="\x01" Dest="%T[31]%" Title="Choose Site Code:" Prompt="Type a Letter Key to jump to the site starting with that letter.\r\n    (Type 'E' to jump to bottom. Type 'S' to jump to top.)\r\n_______________________________________\r\n" Options="&START\r\n&AL006\r\nAL010\r\nAR001\r\nAZ008\r\n&CA035\r\nCA060\r\nCA102\r\nCA106\r\nCA112\r\nCA120\r\nCA124\r\nCA134\r\nCA152\r\nCA158\r\nCN502\r\nCO015\r\nCO030\r\nCO053\r\nCT003\r\nCT015\r\nCT039\r\nCT040\r\n&DE003\r\n&FL010\r\nFL021\r\nFL030\r\nFL054\r\nFL075\r\nFL080\r\n&GA020\r\nGA035\r\n&HI005\r\n&IL004\r\nIL007\r\nIL008\r\nIL016\r\nIL035\r\nIL059\r\nIN020\r\n&KS015\r\nKY010\r\nKY015\r\n&MD018\r\nMD027\r\nMD032\r\nMD059\r\nMI025\r\nMN002\r\nMN004\r\nMN006\r\nMN008\r\nMN009\r\nMN010\r\nMN013\r\nMN015\r\nMN017\r\nMN020\r\nMN022\r\nMN030\r\nMN045\r\nMN051\r\nMN082\r\nMO015\r\nMO050\r\n&NC010\r\nNE010\r\nNH010\r\nNH020\r\nNJ004\r\nNJ006\r\nNJ050\r\nNM020\r\nNY004\r\nNY032\r\nNY033\r\nNY034\r\nNY035\r\nNY036\r\nNY063\r\nNY073\r\n&OH006\r\nOH020\r\nOH030\r\nOH035\r\nOH060\r\nOK001\r\nON517\r\nOR015\r\nOR031\r\n&PA012\r\nPA038\r\nPA062\r\nRI005\r\n&RI010\r\n&TN006\r\nTX013\r\nTX023\r\nTX031\r\nTX033\r\nTX034\r\nTX037\r\nTX057\r\nTX064\r\nTX086\r\n&UT015\r\n&VA037\r\nVA040\r\nVA060\r\n&WI007\r\nWI010\r\nWI011\r\nWI012\r\nWI016\r\nWI030\r\nWI080\r\nWI105\r\nWV050\r\n&END " Left="Center" Top="Center" Monitor="0" Width="601" Height="622" OnTop="FALSE"/>

Thanks Cory,

Its pretty basic ... will this code work or shall I export it and attach?

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Confirmed. Scroll doesn't work.


I suggest in the future you put your code snippet in a "code" box when posting on the forum. You will find the button for it in the toolbar. Or if the code is long make a simple MEX and attach it.


Also you might want to look into using named variables instead of the old ME3 variables.

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Thanks Cory -

Appreciate the advice on the code insert for this forum, and the confirmation of scroll not working. Agree on named variables, old habits die hard.


Thanks Samrae -

We are in a bit of a controlled environment as far as applications go - I will check in to the new version though as a possible solution.

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For a radically different approach, check out my example here:




In your case the grid would be 7 x 10 (or 10 x 7).


Anticipating that I'd write this sort of macro frequently, I wrote a macro to help with the grunt work. Then never made another single one. ;)


Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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Another alternative is to break the selection into a series of multiple choice boxes. I've done it before where an unknown number were present and the user could hammer the enter key repeatedly until they saw the item in the group displayed and then all that had to do was arrow down a few times and stab the enter key again. Or a hierarchical approach. Say one has many GL codes and the first multiple choice one would ask which series of GLs. The lets say they chose the 2000 series then it would display all the 2000 GL codes.


On occasion I will even write a routine to track which codes they use and how often in an delimited text file. I load this at the beginning of the macro then when they go to make a selection I show them a top 10 list. Even where there are a thousand GL codes usually displaying 10 of them will work the majority of the time.Or of course let the user create and maintain their own quick-pick list. I'm pretty handy at writing these so any time you would like some help please let me know.

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