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So I've made a macro using Macro Express This macro is intended for a video game emulator called Visual Boy Advance which emulates a Gameboy Advance. This macro is intended to make the character do repetitive, cyclical movements, attacks, etc. However, when I try to play the macro back, the emulator seems to receive no inputs at all from the macro. I tried running the macro on MS Word and Excel and it works fine.


I have some macro exprience with VisualBasic and am familiar enough with code. Can anybody figure out why the emulator won't receive the input?

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What version of Windows are you using? If you are using a later version of Windows and Visual Boy Advance is running in either compatibility mode or as administrator then you will need to run Macro Express as administrator.


However, some games detect macro programs and prevent their use. If that is the case you may be out of luck. You could try to restore the hooks (Tools, Restore Keyboard and Mouse Hooks).

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Well, I'm using Windows 7. I tried your suggestions and ran Macro Express as an admin but I see no change. I had previously tried restoring keyboard and mouse hooks (a tip that I found from another forum). Still, the emulator seems to take no response from the macro.


I am fairly certain that Visual Boy Advance won't reject macros. That's something I would expect from an MMO such as WOW.

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