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Processing A Mail Form


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I have a form set up for prospects to complete if they're interested in our services. The email we receive contains about 25 lines, currently formatted similar to that below but naturally I can make changes there:

field_one: prospect response

field_two: prospect response

Currently, the email arrives and I print it out, go to the form on the other website and type everything in to the other form. (I think this is faster/easier than toggling back and forth using copy/paste. At least for me.)

I have a dozen or so (small) macros already so being spoiled by ME I'm wondering what might be the best approach to at least manually run a macro on the email (I can identify it myself when it comes in - no big deal there) which then takes the information and pastes it into the form on the other website.

From the tiny bit that I know I don't think it's a csv process so what is my best approach for this?


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Thanks, Kevin.

I just spent some time going over ME Explained and what it has to share about the clipboard. I've also used the csv process before so I have some familiarity with that. I'm picturing processing the file one line at a time.


A small problem remains in that I can't just tab to the *next* field and fill that in with the next line of the csv file. After one line processed I tab 3 times to the next then maybe 6 or 8 times to the next field that must be filled in, etc. There's no consistency here from required field to required field.


Do I consider a separate csv file that contains numbers relating to the number of times it's necessary to tab to the next required file? A nested repeat? Or, do I just insert x number of line feeds in the emailed response corresponding to the number of times necessary to tab from one required field to the next so that I'm filling non-required fields with nothing? Or, does someone have a better idea?

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