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How can I have some text entered from text type with a shift enter between lines.
I want to post to forums and it enters each line on a separate line and I get a time and date and a blank line between each line.
That is the same scenario that would happen in Skype if I press enter between each line instead of shift enter.




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I'm guessing it's the difference between soft newline and hard. In the MS world it's the combination of the non-printing characters (invisible) Carriage Return (CR, OD, or 13) and Line Feed (LF, 0A, or 10). In Unix based systems which much of the worlds web based apps are written on it's just LF. But in some applications like Excel cells you can enter a soft newline by using Shift+Enter which sends only a LF. Otherwise it sends CR+LF and that commands Excel to go to the next cell. There are many tings like this so I'm guessing Skype is one of them.


I suggest that instead of using the <Enter> in the text type you instead create these characters and 'type' them instead yourself. I don't have time now but just experiment with the different combinations. I usually will include these 2 lines of code to my macros to create them:

// Make special characters and setup
Variable Set to ASCII Char 10 to %LF% // Create a Line Feed
Variable Set to ASCII Char 13 to %CR% // Create a Carriage Return
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Hey Alan.
That did not work but putting the <ENTER> alone after each line does work.
Not as clear though as everything has to be on one very long line
where the clipboard just has all the lines with me pressing enter at the end of each one

but not showing the actual <ENTER>
So my text looks like this.
Now is the time for<ENTER>all good men to<ENTER>come to the aid of their<ENTER>country<ENTER>

as opposed to:
Now is the time for

all good men to

come to the aid of their



but it does work.



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