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Windows 8.1 update broke my Macro Express :(


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I know it's a miracle 3.x works at all in Windows 8, but it was going fine for me. I have to set it to 'run as administrator' in the compatibility tab for it to work in Windows 8 at all.


My macros that involve text-typing into forms such as gmail messages and in Visual Studio 2012 in particular, they run but nothing happens. Probably some 'security' feature in Windows 8.1 update. I was wondering if anyone has the same problem with their Macros Express Pro on Windows 8.1? Been thinking about upgrading for awhile now anyway.
I'm running version 3.7.01 because of a problem with sending file attachements in email that I had with newer versions of 3x.

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I got it working by going into the Macro Express shortcut properties and changing it to run in XP sp3 compatibility mode and UN-checking 'Run as Administrator'

You're a genius! I was about to give up on ME after years of using it, tried your solution and now it's working like a champ. Thank you!

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