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External Script - Advance Scnario

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Here's another Question on the board :)


I've capture certain info by using object in IE and stored them in a External script (ES) variable.

Dim IE
Dim URLFound
Dim ObjORS
Dim fln
Call Look_For_URL
If URLFound = True Then
                IE.Visible = True
                fln = IE.document.getElementById("ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSHeader_pnlHeaderInfo_hypWandFLN").innerHTML
                Caseid = IE.document.getElementById("ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSHeader_pnlHeaderInfo_lblCaseID").innerHTML
                date = IE.document.getElementById("ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSHeader_pnlHeaderInfo_lblCaseID").innerHTML
                Status = IE.document.getElementById("ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSHeader_pnlHeaderInfo_lblCaseID").innerHTML
                Wscript.Echo fln
                Wscript.Echo Caseid
End If

Above script will return value in a variable %Result%. When i call %Result% it will show the values which i've called in script through Wscript.echo command. My question : Is there any way i can use the able values captured in another External script. I'm creating a new e-mail via ES option and want to pass the values retrieved from %Result%.


'Script from Body of the mail.


strMsg = "Case id : " %Result%

"FLN # " %Result%


objMail.body = strMsg


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The above script will return all the values which i've called in %Result% through Wscript.Echo command(i.e. caseid and fln). Does this means in order to print each value seperatly i need to capture each value in a different variable.


Wscript.Echo caseid will be retured in %Result%

Wscript.Echo fln will be retured in %Result1%


or is there a way through which we can retreive all the values seperatly.

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One can only pass one variable back thru the External Scripts command's variable feature. But you could stuff more thru there if you want. EG you could make a long string and separate them all with a delimiter and then use the Split command. EG "Tom,Dick,Harry" and split on comma. Or I often will use the registry instead to pass the variables.

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It's really so simple there's no point. http://www.robvanderwoude.com/vbstech_registry_wshshell.php

I still can't create a link so I had to paste the URL above. But that looks like a good example of how to write to the registry in a VBScript. Also I recommend you write to HKCU and make your own key under Software. I do recommend that you wipe out the values prior to executing your external script to ensure your values are from the recent run and not a previous one.

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