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Can't find which macro is activated by Crtl+N


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I haven't written many macros recently, but I have a lot of older macros. At one time I wrote a macro which was activated by Ctrl+N. I need to inactivate this macro now because it prevents an important hotkey activation built into a commercial program I am using, but I can not find it in the Macro Explorer listing. When sorted my activations jump from Ctrl+LMouse to Ctrl+Page Down. If I open notepad to full screen and press Ctrl+N, the ME icon shows it is playing for a couple seconds then disappears; therefore the macro exists,but I can't find it. Any suggestions.




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Click the Macro Recycle Bin button and delete any macros listed there.Check to see if the Ctrl+N macro runs. If not, then you should download the latest version of Macro Express 3 from www.macros.com/download.htm and install it. Some earlier versions of Macro Express 3 would still run macros when they existed in the Macro Recycle Bin.


If the Ctrl-N macro still runs after emptying the Macro Recycle Bin then you could identify which macro is still running by systematically disabling groups of macros.


Start by creating a new macro file by clicking File, New Macro File. This will disable all of your existing macros. Don't worry, you will be able to get them back. Make sure that Ctrl-N is no longer running a macro.


Click File, Reopen to reopen your original macro file.


Sometimes macros have multiple activations but only one activation is indicated in the Macro Explorer window. If this is the case you could try disabling the top half of your macros. See if the Ctrl-N macro no longer runs. If it still runs, enable those macros and disable the bottom half of your macros. Once you have identified a set of macros that contain the Ctrl-N macro you can narrow down your search. Disable a smaller and smaller number of macros until you identify the macro.

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