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Macro Express Pro v is now available. This version a few enhancements and changes to improve stability. Additional changes include:

  • Added ability to hold a key down.
  • Enhanced the Alt-Key Sequence feature to allow Unicode characters to be typed using Alt Key Code hexadecimal values. More information
  • Includes many changes to make Macro Express Pro more stable with fewer crashes.
  • A change was made to fix a problem that would cause Windows to slow down when certain programs were running along with Macro Express Pro.
  • Fixed a problem where some housekeeping tasks that should only occur once were performed repeatedly if the license was entered via the advanced installation options.
  • The Mouse Locator has been upgraded to improve getting the color of a pixel color from the screen.
  • Shortkey activation improvements.
  • Updated macros in samples.mex to be compatible with newer versions of Windows, to be more reliable, added new sample macros along with new Macro Express Pro helper macros.
  • Fixed problems with monthly Scheduled macros.
  • Made a change to improve the reliability running a scheduled macro set to run when the computer is idle.

For a complete list of changes see the Macro Express Pro v Release Notes. Download Macro Express Pro from the Macro Express download page.

The Macro Express News - December 9, 2013 contains more information along with tips and sample macros.

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