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external script to display the countdowntimer in macro express pro

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Hello Everyone,


I have written one macro to pop up the countdown timer between the two dates. it is working fine but the problem here is every second it is getting refreshed and it is not allowing to edit the otherpages. My requirement is like once i start opening the any web/windows page that macro shoud pop up and start the countdown timer and it will keep alive on the screen and showing the time.


If I wrote the code for Macro with out using the external script every time it is getting refreshed. Can anyone help me out on writting the HTML or JavaScript to pop up the timer between the dates and it will keep alive on the screen without locking the keyboard/mouse to work on the external pages.


Thanks for your help in advance.



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What you are describing should not be a problem and I suspect you're doing it wrong. See my attached sample. The macro counts up to 10 with a frequency of 1 second but it doesn't take focus when I update the contents. Does this fix what you're experiencing?


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