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Facing Issue for selecting text

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Hi all,


In macro express pro i am using mouse event(passing x-axis and y-axis) for selecting position. After selecting x-axis and y-axis positions again i have doubleclicked the mouse for seeing data.

But i am facing issue if i changed the window size.(i already used get control i am not getting output).


Without mouse event can i use any other option for getting the (x-axis and y-axis) position and mousedoubleclick.


Can any one suggest how to overcome this issue.






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I am using HotKey to start the macro.


I am using 2windows & if i am setting x-axis and y-axis for current window.

Then sometimes i am executing macro in 2nd window (so x-axis and y-axis is not working.)



please help me if i am executing macro in any windows my x-axis and y-axis should work correctly.





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I can not focus your problem ??! I understand following:


Mouse position in first window is another than in 2nd window. And you want to find out the mouse position from second window - correct ? But what are you trying to open/show ? A layer in HTML-Page, a folder ?




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