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Greetings ME Pros!


I am new to ME but it sure looks great. I have one key question that will make or break the product for me (do I buy or not):


I am dealing with macros that function between two windows and the windows are not always the same name. I do not want to have to set the window names in each macro. I would like to set two global variables, once so that many macros can use them. I would be fine with reading from a file (if it is quick - time is of the essence in these macros because I am playing a game).


Here is an example macro:


Window Active: A

Delay 0.1 second

Text Type q

Window Active: B

Delay 0.1 second

Text Type O

Window Active: A


If anyone has an example like this or even an example where variables are used in the setting focus I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your time.



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What you are trying to do can be made to work, although you may find you need a longer delay after switching to a new window.


As for populating the variables with window titles, Macro Express is fast enough to do it on the fly. Handle variables might be a better way, as handles differentiate windows with identical titles.

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