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I use the macro logs a lot. I'm not sure is this is a problem or not.


When a macro writes to it's log file, it appends it's Index number to the file name. For example if I had a macro called "MEP Report" and it's index was 100.

When it creates it's log file, it would be "MEP.Report100.txt"


Now if I call the macro "MEP Report" from a 2nd macro call "Test" and it's index is 50, the log file is different. In my case it was "MEP Report99.txt" (the index of the called macro less 1)


Is this bug or is this the way things should work?


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Sounds like a bug to me. I'm guessing the intention of the programmers was to add the index in order to guarantee the macro name was unique. But making another number could in very rare circumstances fail to write to the proper log file. Say you had 3 macros of the same named numbered 1, 2, and 3. It would get all confused.

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The number appended to the end of the log file name is the index of the macro that was activated, even for macros called via the Macro Run command. If Macro_A has an index of 45 and Macro_B has an index of 38, when Macro_B is activated by itself the log file is named Macro_B38 but if Macro_A runs Macro_B via a Macro Run command the log file for Macro_B is named Macro_B45.

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Samrae I think you missed what he's saying. He has two macros named "MEP Report" with indexes of 50 and 100. When the log files are created it should be "MEP Report50" and "MEP Report100" but instead he's getting "MEP Report99" and "MEP Report100". I have not verified this myself but that's what he's saying.

To me it sounds like MEP’s logic might be set to look up the macro index number by name when it creates the log file. And perhaps if there is already a log file it’s decrementing or something. Whatever the case it sounds like to logic for adding the index number is not functioning as one would desire in the odd case of when duplicate macro names exist.

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