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Are Web Pages That Use Controls "Dead"?

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It's been a while since I've started a topic here (had a long spell where I had forgotten password, the account wasn't easily recovered, etc.). Anyhey, here I am! %^}

Am I correct that if I use the Control locator utility and it doesn't highlight the intended control area with a thick black border that it {the intended control area} really isn't a usable control? I guess I'm curious to know, what caused their demise? Or perhaps I misunderstand the use of the locator utility.


Just for fun, I went to about 15 major web pages (Google and misc Fortune 500 web sites)... of those visited none, 0, zip, nadda seem to have usable controls.


For lack of controls, I guess I'm forced to use X,Y mouse co-ords. I was hoping for a more precise / "sure fire" technique.


My immediate and recurring goal, by the way, is to fill in web forms / surveys and the like. I know there are things like RoboForm, etc; but I haven't seen one yet that can pull a random comment from a text file and paste it in the form (usually under a comments section, etc.) the way MEP can!


Comments appreciated!



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My experience has been that no forms in a browser contain any Window Controls. The only Window Controls you might find are things like the url address or the entire browser window. I just did a quick test and Firefox does not have any Window Controls while Internet Explorer has a few.

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Macro Express can detect controls in some programs, but not in browsers.


However, there are ways to navigate to controls via Macro Express without clicking on x, y coordinates. One approach is to search for unique text near the target, and then either Tab or Shift Tab to the desired control. In pseudo code:


Type {Control}f ' Find on the page. In some (most?) browsers, F3 does the same thing.

Delay 100 ms

Type Surname:

Type {Enter}

Delay 100 ms

Type {Escape} ' Cancel the search

Delay 100 ms

Type {Tab}{Tab} ' Tab to the desired field or control


You will need to play with delays and target text to get this to work reliably.

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