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I just keep a copy of the entire MEX file. In fact for one client I have a macro that automatically deploys the new file and makes a backup copy of the old file for each new version in a date-named folder. MEX files are not compiled so you will not manage it like the source code of compiled apps. And there is no versioning. Thoguh you coudl keep version info in the individual macro notes

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I know this isn't the full answer you are looking for but this is how I tell what version each macro is


Variable Set From Misc "Name of Current Macro" into %MacroName%

Variable Set String %Version to "v2014.04.28"



Log Messages to Default Error Log %MacroName% - %Version%


This writes to the standard log the name of the macro and it's internal version. I use the date I last made a change (Year.Month.Day). You can set %Version% to anything you like.

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