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Need Help With A Repeating Macro


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I need help with a macro. I want to shut down a popup error message that comes up every 45 sec. or so. I have created a macro when run, will shut down the windows, but I have to run it every time another one pops up. So far I have:


repeat with windows+a specific window close command+repeat end


I have been able to make multiple specific window close commands inbetween the repeat commands, but after a while that runs out also. I would like the macro to run all the time in the background and be able to close the windows each time it pops up without having to rerun the macro each time.


Any help is appreciated. Thank you



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Hello dutch4fire!


A macro can be set to fire automatically when a particular window title or window control gains focus. Look at the Activation section within the Properties tab of a macro.

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