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Selecting Text Phrases Out Of A Page


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I'm viewing the source code from a Google search page (small sample below) and trying to run a macro that will extract the domain names from the page. I tried setting it up using Control F (search for class=a>) move mouse to cursor, left mouse down, do a Control F < move mouse to cursor, in hope that the domain www.centralcapital.com would be selected. Then I could copy it and loop through to the next domain.

As you can imagine, it doesn't work.

I've spent too much time going through the manual trying to understand how to use looping and variables and appending to a variable... Well, it just doesn't compute in my head tonight.

What do I try next?



ww.centralcapital.com')" onMouseOut="cs()">Remortgage Specialists</a><br>Fast, easy online application<br>A remortgage to suit your needs<br><font class=a>www.centralcapital.com</font><br><br><a id=aw2

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Hey, Randall. As usual your input is fantastic and the macro runs great. With this as the foundation I should be able to put the rest of it together.

I've only studied your solution for a few minutes and think I'll be able to understand it eventually but in all honesty I'm not sure I would have ever figured it out on my own.


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