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Thought I would pass this along to the forum ...


Started the new Professional Grade Macros website. Not much there yet, but over the past few weeks I was working on its overall design and layout.


The first task was to get all the tutorial videos, as well as the mex library, which were created for the Macro Express Explained book onto the site so people could still get access to them. Over the past couple of weeks there were plenty of downloads.


Posted an MXPro article today.



- Joe


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When a CMS change is made to the site, or something else, I always test prior to publishing. For testing I use three devices:


1) My desktop in IE (ver 11.0.7) and Firefox (ver 28.0)

2) My Samsung Galaxy 10 pad (Android 4.0.4)

3) My cell phone (Chrome 33.0.1)


No errors have popped up for me yet, at least nothing that I can see.


The only aggravating one I know of at the moment are the sub-choices in the main menu when using Firefox. Firefox adds a few pixels of space between the menu line and the choices. So if the mouse is moved straight down, Firefox thinks you left the menu.

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Wait! .... I'll be ... I just got it.


Ageing Hack, that was funny.


Yes, it was throwing code, The home page's picture was a picture of code.


Very good, Very good, indeed! Thanks for the smile :-)

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Re your checkbox testing article. My reaction was: Wow! How have I been getting away with my ultra-simple approach for so long? I just test a specific screen position for either the On or Off colour, typically white or black. Could you summarise the risks I'm taking please?


I'm also going to use your example to learn more about controls.


BTW, is the colouring of your nicely presented macros a feature of your text editor?


Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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Hello Terry


>>> Could you summarise the risks I'm taking please?


The checkbox / radio button code structure in the article has two purposes:


Speed - It relies solely on the speed of whichever application it is checking the screen for instead of delays.


Reliability - Reliability by making sure the pixel is same color twice in a row.


When a field is changed in an application, any field, the app repaints the window. Going from one tab to another in an app does the same thing. Popping up a new window does the same thing. Tons and tons of repainting the window.


If you ever get a chance you can see how repainting a window actually looks. Make a screen video of something, do some clicking here and there. When replaying it, watch a single frame at a time. You can see the app window morphing itself, which means the pixel is not going to be the same color until it gets done being repainted.


Morphing is the whole reason for the code structure talked about in the article. Now that I think about it, "Morphing" would have been a good word to use in the article. Thanks!


The risk taken by your code might not even exist. Maybe there is not so much morphing of the screen. If using delays, whatever you wrote seems to be 100% reliable for you which is all that truly matters.



>>> is the colouring of your nicely presented macros a feature of your text editor?


No. What you are seeing is strictly HTML, however, another article was written about a macro I created to use regular expressions in MXPro to set those colors for me rather than having to do it manually all the time.

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I created a new, but preliminary video. It's on my pgmacros website in the Macro Express Pro -> Videos section. There is also a link to it on the front page.


Hi Joe,


Installed all your macros and learned a lot studying them, thanks a bunch. Now looking for excuses to use them!


Viewed your neat video on Macromatic and keen to try it. Will you be making the tool publicly available for solo home users like me or is it just for developers?



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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Thanks Terry ... solo home users and developers are the same thing in my book. I've been using the word "developer" for a long time, as well as "MXPro" instead of "ME4". And something I did many years ago made me stick with the word "macro library" instead of "macro file".


Must be how I use slang.


Based on your posts, I am aware that you create videos(?). Video terminology is all greek to me. FYI this was done as an AVI using CamStudio and VirtualDub. Then I converted it to MP4 using FreeMake. FreeMake throws a 2 second ad for itself at the end, which is fine by me.


So, I'm learning.

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