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Creatin a folder and copying files from another folder


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I'm trying to create a macro using an input box to determine the name of a folder in macro express 3.5.


For example, an input box pops up and I can type in "A". I want to then use the inputted text and make it the new folder name under a specific directory. I then want to copy all the files from an existing folder over to the newly created folder A.

How would I got about creating a macro like this?

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If I understand correctly, this is a very straightforward process.


There are files in a folder C:\files\documents and you want to copy them to C:\important\stuff (stuff will be that variable)


First, you want to define a variable using the Variable Set String command, and set value T1 from prompt.


Then you want to do a Copy File or Files command, where the first path is C:\files\documents and the new name is C:\important\%T1%\


Then when you run the macro, if you put in "stuff" into the prompt, it will copy the folder. There is also a checkbox to go into the subfolders if you want those too.



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