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File Explorer (formerly Windows Explorer) makes whole computer under Windows 8.1 when MEP is installed

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Caveat: I haven't supplied a bug report for this yet as I have some more testing to do before confirming that this is being caused by MEP.


Having received a shiny new Windows 8.1 PC, I transferred my copy of Macro Express Pro over to it.


After a little while I began to notice that the PC was hanging and unresponsive after opening File Explorer (formerly windows explorer NOT internet explorer).


I first noticed this while doing some music file editing using Windows Media Player 12. I would right click a track and select 'open file location' and after 2 or 3 times, I would be presented with a completely blank File Explorer with no left or right panes or ribbon along the top. Worse still, I was unable to access any other running program or taskbar items. The only course of action was to Ctrl-Alt-Del to reboot PC. After a few frustrating times, I decided to try selective start ups to isolate the program causing the problem. Unfortunately, it looks like it is MEP. When the issue happens now, opening Task Manager and forcing MEP to close returns the PC to its working state.


Has anyone else encountered this issue before I send in a bug report?


PS. I have uninstalled MEP for now to do more repeat testing, but so far, all is working correctly.


Subject Header is missing 'unresponsive'. Sorry!

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No such thing as a shiny new 8.1 Windows in this office ... just the older 7.


I have not ran into this particular problem.


ISS just updated MXPro yesterday to release Try that and see if there were any fixes.



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I've experienced the problem sporadically for years. Some versions seem to have no problem and then at other times it seems to return with slightly different symptoms and severity. The common symptoms are UI unresponsiveness when there are ample system resources and instantly return to a responsive state after killing the MEP processes. I've come to call it molasses. I did experience some lately in 4.5 and I reported it. It is not nearly as bad as previous times. Also some of the instances have seem to have the symptoms return in short order even after restarting MEP. IE if you reboot it could go for days before the symptoms before but if you kill and restart MEP they return in an hour or so. I am W8.1-64

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