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Help With Editing A Text String


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I am building a macro and one of the steps I need to perform is to copy some text, save it to a variable, and then paste the text somewhere else. However, the original text that I am copying almost always has a hard return in it. I cannot use any hard returns when I paste it though. How do I get Macro Express to recognize these hard returns so I can delete them? I am guessing I would need to use the “Replace Substring” command, leave the “Replace With:” field blank, but what would I put in the “Text to Replace:” field?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello IceBox!


The first thing is to create a CR/LF string that Macro Express understands:

Variable Set %T1% to ASCII Char of 010
Variable Set %T13% to ASCII Char of 013
Replace "%T13%" with "%T13%%T1%" in %T13%



Now, as you suspected, use the Replace Substring command to strip the CR/LF from your target string (assume T1 as target). Simply leave the Replace With field empty:

Replace "%T13%" with "" in %T1%


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