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All I want to do is have a sentence assigned to a hotkey, say CTRL-A. If I use this Macro in Notepad, it's fine/fast. Email it's fine/fast. But when when I press the hotkey in my chat application, each character of the paragraph comes out very slow one by one. It takes forever to complete my sentence. I thought maybe memory was an issue, so I added 512MB to make a total of 768MB. The problem still exists. I have a 2.2 Ghtz Pentium 4 and high speed internet. Any ideas what's wrong? This little simple thing is driving me nuts.



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Here is one idea... after setting the variable... modify to save that text to the clipboard and another command to paste it.


Variable Set String %T1% "This is some text here... "
Variable Modify String: Save %T1% to Clipboard
Clipboard Paste



<TVAR2:01:01:This is some text here... ><TMVAR2:16:01:00:000:000:><CLIPP>

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Hi ladybug:


cyberchief meant post a copy of your macro so we can see what it is doing. To do this, open the macro in the Macro Express Scripting Editor, highlight the lines in the macro, right-click your mouse and click 'Copy Command Text'. Then, in this forum, click the CODE button, type Ctrl+v (to paste) and click the CODE button again.


Before seeing your macro I have a some more ideas in addition to cyberchief's suggestion:


1. Slow it down. This may seem counter-intuitive but some games and online systems try to detect and eliminate 'cheats' or someone using automation to speed up responses. When detected, the software slows down. If the chat software you are using has this 'feature' you may be able to use the Keystroke Speed command to tell Macro Express to type slower. If the keystrokes are typed slower, they may show up quicker in your Chat.


2. Upgrade your java runtime engine. If the chat room uses Java, then upgrading to the latest JRE may fix some problems. The latest Sun JRE is available here: http://java.sun.com/j2se/downloads/index.html. We have found that upgrading to the latest JRE has fixed problems reported by several customers.

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OK, so I was wrong, that didnt fix it :( I am at my wits end lol


heres the code...hope this is what you want...I have several and they all work totally fine in anything but my chat program. My co-workers use the same exact software, macros, and everything and have no problems.





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Here is another thing to try: Why don't you create another macro that doesn't have the special characters Ö, ~ and |. I would just try a sentence. Then see if it plays back correctly. If it works (eg types quickly), then the problem might be with one or more of the special characters.

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Thank you all for helping. I did manage to get them working, but ONLY during the day, when the site isn't busy. If I try to do one at night, it creeps out character by character and takes forever. I'm guessing it has to do with some configuration on my pc somewhere that is conflicting with the software. I can't find any answers anywhere as to why or what, but doesn't look like I'm going to.


Thanks for all of your help

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