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Is there a way to store dynamic data within the macro itself?

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i want to make password manager and was wondering if macros can store dynamic data. say edit a textbox and then store that in a variable and then recall it back a couple of days later with the same edited information?


if not what other solutions are there? currently i have to edit the macro itself in order to change the data.



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Not understanding what you mean. This situation seems not to be dynamic. Why not set a string variable in the macro to the password you require and have it Text Type that into whatever field is asking for it?

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Look at the Help screens for Environment Variables -- you can create variables with whatever name you like and store string data in them, then retrieve it later. But I don't remember whether the environment variable survives a reboot of Windows; I don't think so.


Also look into Create Registry Entry, and write-to/read-from the variable. Again, I don't know whether the created entry survives a reboot, but it seems that it should -- what's a registry for, after all? :)

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