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Installation creates two identical folders in my user folder

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Hi all,


I have the strangest thing ever that happens when I install Macro Express Pro on Windows 7 64 bits. In my Documents folder it creates two identical folders called "Insight Software" but with different content. One seems to contain the macros and the other crash logs and Remap Layouts. Aren't these supposed to be merged into one main folder?


I didn't even know it was possible to create the same folder twice.


Any help would be most welcome. :)

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Are you sure it isn't you Documents Library? In the library you can have folders from multiple locations and even of the same name. You might be seeing the ISS folder from the public profile and the active profile.

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Hey Cory.


Sorry for the late response. I had to switch back to Windows 8.1 again. Somehow this was related to Windows 7. On Windows 8.1 it seems to work fine. I have no idea why it installed two folders with identical names. I tried several times with the same result.


I did check for both public and private, I don't remember if that was the issue. Unfortunately I cannot double check now, since I'm on a different OS now. If one day I will have to go back to Windows 7 I will definitely look out for that one, if it were to occur again.


Thanks for your reply though!

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