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Puzzling failure

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Head scratching over this one for a while.


I have a short and simple macro, Macro1 that prepares to save a file. It sets up the file save dialog, enters the filename and finishes with this Text Box Display




It runs perfectly as a standalone macro.


But when I include it, even as the only line, in another macro, Macro2:


Macro Run: Macro1


it fails, giving an obscure error:





To my mind, both of these should give identical results, yes?


The Text Box Message has no influence on the issue. I removed it later as it's obvious that the save has to be completed manually, and it made no difference to the problem


The correct file saved using just Macro1 is C:\Docs\Map Overlays\My Overlays\UK Walks MMO\20140911Holtye-Brian-Orig.mmo


Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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Hi Cory,


No controls used.


It's baffling that Macro1 runs solidly every time. Yet produces that weird error when it's run from a parent macro, despite whatever delays i introduce!


No big deal, I'll just have to stick to using two individual macros instead of combining them as I'd prefer.


Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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I've found it! :)


As you see from this illustration, it was ultimately down to me:





I'd earlier re-written an improved version of Macro1 - which in reality is called Save overlay as MMO (c+a+M) - but I hadn't given the two different names.


So when I wrote Macro2 - actually called Save overlay as both MMO and GPX (c+a+2) - and selected from the list, I'd chosen the wrong one!


Although it's no excuse for my carelessness, it would be a nice touch if the browse window distinguished disabled macros in some way. Don't know how technically challenging it might be but I'll submit a feature request.


So pleased to sort it - that's had me vexed for hours.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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