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Macro Express Pro - How to do If Conditional variable to match a Set of Strings (array)?

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I'm trying to do a basic conditional if statement. I want to compare X to an array variable I have set. I basically have a preset array of strings I want to match a given variable to.


I currently have this:





if %name% = %name_ban[]%


I left out the number inside the bracket to match the entire array. can this be done or is there another method to match a variable to a set of strings within an array?

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Something like this may work as a starting point:

Variable Set Integer %Idx% to 0
Get Array Length (%name_ban%) => %Max%
Repeat Until %Idx% Is Greater Than or Equal To "%Max%"
  Variable Modify Integer %Idx%: Increment
  If Variable %name% Equals "%name_ban[%Idx%]%"
  // Do something special here
  End If
End Repeat
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MEP doesn't have any array manipulation commands. I have a collection of macro subroutines to do various things like finding the index of a member, count, sort, and so forth. Also I find it valuable to create a values when I induct the data. Say for instance I loop through some text to propagate an array. I'll also count the number of members at that time.

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