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Create folder in current folder

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Having problems. This is what I want to do:

Create a new folder in the current folder and name the new folder the same as a selected document.


Start the macro while in a windows folder and with a document (in that folder) selected.


1. Variable set string %T1% to topmost window title.

This sets the variable to the path of the current folder, but if the pathname is over 96 characters it truncates and does not work. Can I increase the length of a variable or is there a better way to obtain the current path?


2. Text Type <F2>

this edits the currently select document filename. the part of the name I want to copy is highlighted (in windows7 the filename less the extension is highlighted)


3. Clipboard Copy


4. Variable set string %T2% from the clipboard contents

T2 is the name I want to use for the new folder.


5. Create folder %t1%\%t2%

This works, but only if the filepath string length (from 1 above) is not too long.



Please help with 1 and 5 above. (or is there a better method?)



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Cory, both those methods can get the filepath into the copy buffer. My problem is I cannot store the copy buffer to a variable because the string length is too long. I need filepath and filename stored as variables for the "Create Folder" method to work.



My file server has extremely long path names. For now I just drag the folder to drive C:\ run the macro and then drag it back.

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You are right. I can store more in a variable. The variable gets truncated using this....


<VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x05" Destination="%T1%" _ENABLED="FALSE"/>


to set the variable T1 to the window title. It works for short filenames so I assumed the variable length was the problem.


So let me backup.

1. If I go to the address bar and copy there. (alt-d gets to the address bar)

I can get the variable set correctly.




Figured out another method to try: "alt-shift-n" creates a new folder in the current explorer window (don't need the pathname). Just rename the new folder to T2


Thanks Cory

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I suppose it depends on your OS as well. In W8 I don't see the path in the title. Also I'm guessing Windows truncates the rath if it's too long to display.


In cases like this I try to avoid using Windows Explorer at all. It's better to use Macro Express's file and folder manipulation commands. To add a sub directory would be easy using the Variable Set From Path command.

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Thanks! It was broken however. The guy I had implement that had programmed it to use the form message as a subject. Bad form. Literally. So if there was a newline it would throw an exception.

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