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Macro titles into a variable?

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Hey guys. Is there a way built in to MacEx to pull a list of your macros (preferably from a specified category folder) and put the macro titles into a variable or a multiple choice menu?


So far I've just got a list of macros saved to a text file that the script pulls from (for a multiple choice menu) and I also include an "Other" option in the menu that, if selected, triggers a prompt that will add a new title (based on what you type in the prompt) to the end of the text file. This adds another menu item to the dialogue next time the macro is run.


What I don't like about that method is that I have to open Macro Express and find the title and either copy it from the macro or type it out exactly. I'd prefer it to update itself dynamically based on the macros I put into a certain category. Any ideas?

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I have a similar requirement, so I wrote a macro that uses the export feature of Macro Express Pro to generate a file. Granted the file is messy, but if you using a program to read it, you can filter out the text lines you are interested in. To simulate manually, go to File --> Export --> Output Macro Information. Then select which information you want to export.

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