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Launch a macro from batch file


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When I put that syntax into a batch file it works fine when ME is already running.

If ME is not already running when the batch file runs, ME starts up and then the macro runs.

If I use an non-existing macro name, ME starts up but no macro runs.


If wonder if you might have a path problem, where ME can't find the macro file? My macro file is in the same folder as all the ME executables.


I hope that helps ... maybe a clue there. :(

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My macro file is in the same folder as all the ME executables.


Having your macros in the same folder as the Macro Express program files is not a good idea if you are using a current version of Windows and if Macro Express is installed in a folder under one of the Program Files folders. This was okay for Windows XP but, beginning with Windows Vista, for security reasons, Windows tries to protect files by preventing changes to any of the files located in a Program Files sub-folder.

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