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Macro Express and Outlook 2003 on Windows 7


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I'm finding what appears to be a conflict between Macro Express and Outlook 2003 on Windows 7 running on a Thinkpad SL510.

Once in a while (averaging twice a day) my computer stops taking keyboard input. Fortunately, mouse input is still accepted.


The only way I've found to fix it, short of re-booting the system, is to exit both Outlook and Macro Express. It doesn't get fixed if I just exit one or the other, and I don't have to exit any other programs to fix it. Has anyone else had this problem?

An interesting side note is that when this happens, it's not enough to Terminate Macro Express Editor and Player. That makes the Macro Express icon disappear from the notification area, but it doesn't restore keyboard input. I also have to open Task Manager, select MacExp.exe *32, and click End Process. Then the system resumes taking keyboard input, and I can re-start both programs.

At all other times, Terminate Macro Express makes MacExp.exe *32 disappear from Task Manager. Apparently part of this glitch is that Macro Express doesn't completely terminate on its own.

I wouldn't mind changing from Outlook to a different e-mail client if that will solve this. Or even if it won't solve this. But it would have to be a program that can import my Outlook PST file. Any suggestions?

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