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Macro Express Pro v is now available. This version contains many enhancements and changes to improve stability:

  • Made changes to the samples.mex sample macros file to make it easier to disable the Menu of Sample Macros.
  • The size of the If Message dialog is now adjusted to allow for a longer Caption or User Defined button captions.
  • Added preferences to change what is displayed in the Mouse Locator including whether to use the translucent style.
  • The Mouse Locator can now be launched from the Script Editor.
  • Updated 'If OS Version' and 'Get OS Version String' commands to support Windows 10.
  • Can edit properties of System Macros by right-clicking and then choosing Macro Properties or by double-clicking on a system macro.
  • Errors in the Load Macro Text File command should no longer crash and can now be handled by the On Error handling.
  • Errors in the Run Macro in Variable command should no longer crash and can now be handled by the On Error handling.
  • Fixed the cause of a crash that could occur when a Menu pops up and a selection is immediately made.
For a complete list of changes see the Macro Express Pro v Release Notes. Download Macro Express Pro from the Macro Express download page.


The Macro Express News - February 24, 2015 contains more information along with tips and sample macros.

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