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Using Program Launch with command lines

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I use an Taskorganizer called MyLifeOrganized. It offers Command Line Options. I would like to use the functionality to jump to a certain task anywhere from windows. It took me a moment to figure the synthax out but this works:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\MyLifeOrganized.net\MLO\mlo.exe" "C:\- Dropbox\My Dropbox\Public\Alex.ml" -task={4B3B139D-0A06-4389-A5F2-FD5D120D45EF}

It contains (in that order) the path of the .exe, the path of the datafile, the -task parameter and the task id in braces.


But it somehow does not work in MEX. I can create a working shortcut on the desktop but when i use this line in a "program launch" - command in MEX Pro a get the errror: "The file could not be located." How come? I use the runmode Normal and "starts in Default Directory". The field Program Parameters i leave empty. I guess i have some settings wrong while the line itself must be correct. Otherweise it would not work in the shortcut, right?

Thank You

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My first thought is to make sure you don't include the quote marks. Second is is to only put the path to mlo.exe in the program field and the rest of it in the optional parameters field. Could you post just the Program Launch command here so we could look at how you did it?

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ME version 3 does not like the quotes around the path and program name, but is happy with embedded spaces in the path and program.

So, try C:\Program Files (x86)\MyLifeOrganized.net\MLO\mlo.exe (no quotes) for program/path name, and the rest of your options (with quotes) as program parameters.

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You guys are great. This works:


<PROGRAM LAUNCH Path="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\MyLifeOrganized.net\\MLO\\mlo.exe" Mode="\x00" Parameters="\"C:\\- Dropbox\\My Dropbox\\Public\\Alex.ml\" -task={4B3B139D-0A06-4389-A5F2-FD5D120D45EF}" Default_Path="TRUE" Wait="1" Get_Console="FALSE"/>

Although i use MEX Pro it has to be exactly like both of you discribe it.


Thank you so much! This will accelerate my workflow quite a bit! :) :)

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MyLifeOrganized is a program where you can manage your Tasks. In the example above {4B3B139D-0A06-4389-A5F2-FD5D120D45EF} is the ID of an task.


With the command above you can select specific tasks in MLO. The command aktivates MLO and selects the task (one of thousands ;-)

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