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Force Macro Exp Pro to start in administrator mode

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I am running Macro Express Pro in Windows 8.1 and need it to be run as an administrator in order for the lock keyboard function to work. I now have MExP starting with Windows. Is there a command line parameter or some other way to force it to run as administrator on startup?





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You can use the RunAs.exe command in Windows.


Also if you create a shortcut (LNK file) as rberg suggests in the properties there's a compatibility tab and in there is an option to run as an administrator. But with that you will forever get the UAC prompt. Depending of course on your UAC settings.


There are some programs that can run as an administrator without the prompt. If you notice some like the Command Prompt might have two icons, one with a normal icon and one with a little shield in the corner that is set to run with elevated permissions. I'm not completely familiar with it but I believe this is because the developer has employed an embedded manifest. I believe it's a kind of key that convinces Windows that the application can be trusted. AFAIK MEP does not have this. I think I'll do a feature request for this.

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There is an article with step-by-step directions on how to launch Macro Express Pro as administrator here.

The topic was mentioned in these newsletters:
Tip: Run as Administrator (Macro Express News - November 12, 2012)
Tip: Run as Administrator Redux (Macro Express News - December 13, 2012)

When running Macro Express Pro as an administrator, programs that Macro Express Pro launches may also be launched as administrator. This newsletter article describes a work around:
Tip: Run a program as a non-administrator when Macro Express is running as administrator (Macro Express News - December 9, 2013)

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