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Using "Program Launch" to launch application shortcuts

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Hi there, folks,


I have a macro that opens applications using the "Program Launch" command, and it works fine.


I took one of said applications and made a shortcut for it, with the same name.


I opened the Program Launch command window, rebrowsed to the location, and selected the shortcut. It changed the name to "Notepad.exe.lnk". When I run the macro, I get the following error:


The following error was encountered:


The program could not be launched "[File Path]\Notepad.exe.lnk"


I know the file is there, and I know the shortcut and application both work. I can run the macro pointing at the application, but not the shortcut.


Can macro express not launch shortcuts?



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MEP can launch LNK (Link) files. I just created a link to one of my programs to be certain and it worked fine. Make sure that's the actual file name. Also make sure you didn't include the quote marks. Other than that I would suggest posting your raw code here so I could test it myself.

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Right. If he created a shortcut manually it would be like "C:\Users\Cory.BD\Desktop\Notepad.exe - Shortcut.lnk". I suppose he coudl have deleted the visible " - Shortcut" and got that as a result.

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