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Executing parts of Macro with text command in video games?

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I had no idea, how to look about this through Search *blush*


After experimenting and finding myself from a dead end, I decided to ask from here.

1. Is it possible to run macros in a video game? (typing a shortkey in a video game doesn't launch a macro and I don't know why, no matter do I specify my macro to Global or Window/Program Specific)

2. Is there a way to create one long macro and activate only a part of the macro just by typing a text command in a video game with my keyboard WITHOUT creating tens of short macros with the Shortkey-ability?

In other words, is it possible to activate a part of a macro by "putting the shortkey feature what the macros use, inside the macro"?



If wait for text "greet"

Text type "Greetings to everyone!"

If wait for text "win"

Text type "A victorious battle for us!"

Wait and recognize for either text command typed

If neighter text typed

Goto start and keep looping


If it's possible, then I should tell the macro 1. not to end itself (loop) until I close the specific video game and 2. to do something ONLY if I type in the text which activates other text typed in, kinda both skipping all the other If-commands if I don't type the text which activates it and still waiting for the possibility that I type in another command so it can go to a specific part of the Macro and execute it.

I hope I made ay sense at all.

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  1. There is nothing in MEP that would prevent you from running macros in a game but it's my understanding that many games employ measures to prevent people from cheating with macros. I've seen many gamers post here and it's obvious the game is preventing MEP from functioning normally. You might want to to consider a macro keyboard.

No. Not at least the way you are thinking. You could however do something like using various conditions and running the macro over and over again. But there is no function to wait for some text to be typed.

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