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Launch In Default Browser Now Opening New Window


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I run several highly advanced macros as part of my daily work and have been using them for some time without issue.


About 3 days ago, out of nowhere my macros started opening a new IE window for every "Web Site" command set to open in Default Browser. Previously this would open the new website is the IE window currently in focus.


For example, I will normally "Activate" the IE Window I want, and then use the "Web Site" command to open a new URL in that window


For example:


<ACTIVATE2:XXX -><DELAY:.1><HTTP2:1:T:https://cs.XXX.co.uk/ws/xxxxxxxx>


(In Scripting View)


Activate Window: "XXX -"

Delay 0.1 Seconds

Web Site: https://cs.XXX.co.uk/ws/xxxxxxxxx [Default Browser - Wait to load]


Anyone else seeing this?

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no, i thought that was always so....

Hadn't been for me at least. Opening Web Page in "Default Browser" always opened it in the last opened browser for me, or if I was looking a browser, it would open in the one I had open.


This has ruined all my macros, because I would use this function to open all websites, so I could use the "Wait to Load" feature and save setting manual delays.

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