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Can you use MacExpPro on a Windows Tablet?

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I know this is somewhat off-topic, but I'm considering getting a Windows Tablet. Maybe a Surface or something I don't know. Is anyone using Mac Exp on a WinTablet? How is your experience? Is ME even applicable to a tablet? Any pitfalls I should avoid? There's quite a price range for the tablets... Like anything from 70 USD to 1,800 USD! Based on Amazon reviews it looks like the "Windows RT" devices can NOT install third-party apps, but instead can only install apps from the "Windows Store." Also, most of the reasonably priced ones have only 1Gig of RAM. Is that enough to run ME in the background while other apps are going?

I'll probably x-post this on a couple different forums. Thanks All.
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You are correct, Macro Express Pro will not run on Windows RT. It should work on other Windows tablets that are designed to run regular Windows applications. If I understand correctly, the Surface 2 runs Windows RT while the Surface 2 RT Pro runs regular Windows. However, both Surface 3 and Surface 3 Pro run regular Windows.


Here are the system requirements listed for Macro Express Pro:

  • Pentium or equivalent or greater
  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2000
    Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003 or 2000
    (64 bit and 32 bit versions)
  • 56 MB free hard disk space

As long as the table meets these specifications I would expect that it will work fine. I am curious how it works out. When you decide could you come back and let us know?

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