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File Manipulation Overwriting Other Macro Files


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Currently, I have 6 macro files... all exactly the same... I use the File manipuation command to overwrite 5 of them using my main file (the one I make all changes in). This works fine. I also have some individual commands that when executed, will only overwrite 1 of the other files with my main file. Basically, I have 5 terminals set up with each running one of the macro files... terminal 1 is running macro1.mex, terminal 2 is running macro2.mex, etc. When I run a project, I either have to make the changes and input the variable information in each mex file (mulitple terminals running the same project)... or I have to make it in my main mex file, and run the overwrite... then erase the changes I made in the main mex file. What I would like to do... is be able to make the changes in any one of the mex files... and overwrite any of the others... sounds confusing... but I want to set a variable to equal the current mex file I am in... and in the file manipulation, set the file path "from" to %T1% (current mex file).


Currently, this is what I have to overwrite just 1 other mex file:

<DOFILE:05:NN:Z:\H_Drive\Gba\QMacro\Main Macro File\Main.mex>Z:\H_Drive\Gba\QMacro\Main Macro File\Macro 1.mex>


This is what I would like to do with %T1% equaling the current mex file I am in whether it be 2, 3, 4, or 5 (not 1, since that is what the below example is changing):


<DOFILE:05:NN:%T1%>Z:\H_Drive\Gba\QMacro\Main Macro File\Macro 1.mex>


Is there a way to set %T1% to equal the mex file I am currently using? and will the variable work in the file manipulation?

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Hello Cyberchief!


Get the currently running library file name from the Registry:


Set Variable %T1% to "Preferences Registry Key"
Read Registry String: "Current File"

<VSETMISC:T1:Preferences Registry Key><REGRSTR:2:%T1%\Miscellaneous\Current File>

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