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Forum Question: Merge profiles?

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Here's an odd situation.... I just noticed that, somehow, I've gotten duplicate profiles...

I'm me, steve kunkel, but this




is also me! Not sure how I did that...

It appears that "steve kunkel" has barely been used, though it was created nearly 10 years ago.

Is it possible to merge the profiles? I'd like to have access to my old posts if possible.


I hadn't been on the forum for a while, and just recently had to email my login info to my self. "steve kunkel" is the info that was sent, even though I've used steveK all these years. I am currently not able to log in to steveK. The password request tells me that the account doesn't exist....



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Alrighty then...

I was not able to get a password recovery for *this* account, because I was using username=steveK. Apparently my username is "kunkel321." Not sure how I set up my profile to display a name other than my username.... Oh well. I did a password recovery by leaving the username blank and sending to all my different email addresses.... Sure enough, my two profiles were assigned to different email addresses.

I'll stick with the steveK "kunkel321" account, since it has more posts attached to it.

Oddly though, "steve kunkel' is an older account.

steve kunkel created 10 aug 2006.
steveK created 16 Feb 2008.
But steve kunkel has only three posts and they all were this year... Beats me.
Anyway, I tried to delete the steve kunkel account, but apparently I cannot. I've attached it to my hotmail account, which I never use, so hopefully I won't reactivate the wrong account again when I come back in six months and forget all about my current dilemma. :unsure:
Also, I have to get rid of my avatar... I hate to change it after so many years, but it just reminds me of Facebook people who are Tea Party nutters, and the insane stuff they post.
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