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Variable set string combo box?? to set from clipboard and prompt for new text?


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Trying to have one dialog at beginning of macro that displays what was on the clipboard but gives user the chance to correct it, if needed. playing with : Variable set string from clipboard vs Variable set string prompt for value.

Is there a way to combine these into one dialog??



get var from clipboard

set to %T1%

display %T1% in dialog in editable field

let user modify %T1%


revise %T1% to new text



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Could you do it with two macros and Notepad? That is:


First macro opens Notepad and pastes the clipboard data, then exits.

User modifies data (or leaves it unmodified).

User starts second macro with hotkey combination. Second macro does Ctrl-a and Ctrl-c to highlight/copy contents of Notepad screen, then closes notepad and sets %T1%.

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