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File saving with no human input.

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HI, I'm new to MacroExpress Pro. My question is, how do I save a file from a program with a time stamp or by numbers? I am running a barcode program using MacroExpress Pro. I want it to save all barcodes that barcode software creates into separate file. example "barcode with current hh.mm.ss... or barcode1,barcode2,barcode3....."I had rather use time stamp. In the barcode software it has a save as function but to use it, it requires human input. I don't want any human input in the running macro at all.




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I use the Date/Time command. Set it to "Set it to the current date/time and under the operation tab I choose to save it as to variable. In the Date/Time format I use "yyyy-mm-dd hhnn" The help file and show you the different options to add seconds or even milliseconds if you want.

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Sorry, I assumed you already had a macro. Writing macros for a program is something you have to learn. I suggest going to ISS's webpage where they have some excellent tutorials. Macro Express can emulate a user's input so you would have it run the program and go though the steps the user would. Then you would use what I explained above to type in the file name with a date stamp. YOu might also look at using controls directly instead of text type and mouse moves and clicks. It's a more advanced skill but it makes all of your timing much simpler and less prone to errors.

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