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How Fast Is Your Macro Express?!


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I made this macro up in a few minuets which determines how many adding calculations macro express could execute on my computer, mainly out of interest and boredom :mellow: . After thinking about it I wondered how fast other Macro Express users would be if they used it so I tweaked it to produce a simplistic result. Post your result on this topic and lets get every one involved! :D


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You're going to make me feel bad about my computer. I only got 21332.




Oh, now that's better. I disabled the Macro Priority feature by setting the Macro Priority to 0 (see TweakMe3.mxe available from www.macros.com/downmore.htm). This gives the most priority to macros. By default, the Macro Priority is set to 1000.


With macros getting full priority I now get 164358.


This is an interesting way to measure performance and the effect of the Macro Priority setting.


Edit #2:


I closed most of my windows and I made sure I didn't move the mouse around.

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Many factors would influence the final result i.e. number of running processes, open windows, background processes. I also tested moving the mouse around the screen which also decreases the value.


Amendment 1


Ah right, I changed the default from 1000 to 50,0000 and reached 213446 calculations this time. I think ill put it back to normal, wouldn’t risk melting my core. :lol: I'm sure that wont happen, would it? :blink:

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