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Unreliable TextType using Clipboard Paste

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I'm getting inconsistent behavior when I use the Clipboard Paste option in TextType commands in macros activated by shortkeys. Not sure but it might have only started occurring in last few months. Would appreciate any feedback please.


Some work OK always. Some don't work at all. Some work on every second use.


All work OK if run with F9 from Script Editor, or with Run now from MX Explorer. It seems that only those activated by my shortkeys have this issue. FWIW, I use prefix shortkeys like mc and bud, which I would activate by typing =mc and =bud respectively.


Using Tools > Restore Keyboard and Mouse Hooks made no difference.


Many of the problem macros can be fixed by reverting to the Simulate Keystrokes option, but others (e.g. mult-line text examples) cannot.


Closing MX Pro and re-starting also usually restores correct operation - until it happens again.


Anyone else see similar problems or have any thoughts please?

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I still use ME3. I never got the Clipboard Paste option of Text Type to work consistently, with or without Simulate Keystrokes, so I don't use it.


For that matter, I have also had trouble using Ctrl-V to paste from the clipboard, so I don't do that with ME either. Just plain old Text Type is good.

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I imagine all anti-malware and anti-virus are similar. It might be the same problem with a different vendor. If I were you I would try disabling any security software and even try safe mode. If it work in that case you can methodically determine the cause.


As you may know i've had problem with what I call "molasses" with MEP. It has gotten so bad that I have had to stop using MEP. Besides delays like you're describing My inputs slow way down. Like glacial speed. One day it took my 5 minutes to get into the system try and terminate MEP with the mouse. As soon as MEP is terminated my machine becomes perfectly responsive. I've done years of testing on this problem and have not found a cure. What I can say is only speculation. I do not believe it's MEP alone. I believe MEP is exacerbating another fault. I've had hot molasses a few times with no MEP running as well. I suspect it has to do with some issues with the Desktop Windows Manager. I believe it could be things having to do with active processes that are represented by system tray icons. Also I think some programs like Remote Desktop and SnagIt have something to do with it.

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I've had hot molasses a few times with no MEP running as well.



Slower than cold molasses running up a hill, as my Dad liked to say.


I run a batch job periodically, especially soon after booting, to kill various processes and services. See below. One of the Adobe services, I don't remember which, would periodically bring the machine to its knees.


* Stop Spybot Search and Destroy Services and Tasks


rem pause Must run this job as Administrator


net stop SDScannerService

net stop SDWSCService

net stop SDUpdateService

net stop "Spybot-S&D 2 Updating Service"

taskkill /F /IM SDTray.exe

taskkill /F /IM SDImmunize.exe


* Stop Miscellaneous Services


taskkill /IM WebcamDell2.exe


rem Dell Stage Remote

taskkill /F /IM StageRemote.exe

taskkill /F /IM StageRemoteService.exe

taskkill /IM stage_primary.exe

taskkill /IM stage_secondary.exe

taskkill /F /IM AdobeARM.exe


net stop "Adobe Acrobat Update Service"

net stop "AdobeActiveFileMonitor9.0"

taskkill /F /IM "AAM Updates Notifier.exe"


net stop "Bluetooth Service"

taskkill /F /IM BTTray.exe


net stop "Intuit Update Service v4"


net stop "Nero Update"


rem pause

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