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Really struggling with javascript:void(0) button

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Hi There


I am busy evaluating MEP but I am seriously struggling with one aspect. I am using Google Chrome and I am trying to design a macro to load a web page from harvestapp.com and save the Excel file to a specified folder on my computer. I have three screens, all 1920 across. The middle screen is 1260 down so is slightly larger than HD.


I am successfully running the webpage but the button I need to press has javascript:void(0) when I hover the mouse over it.


I have tried

  1. the Tab trick which worked a couple of times but something is causing an inconsistent page load so the number of Tab repeats is having very inconsistent results.
  2. I also tried using the Mouse Left Click, Button Down, Button Up commands so that the Tab would be more specific but really struggling with where the mouse actually ends up.
  3. I looked at CTRL-F but am struggling how to get the focus from the search box to the word in the button that I need to push.
  4. I looked at the search for pixel color but have not gotten far enough down the road in
  5. Finding out what the colour code is for the orange that Chrome uses for the search feature

  6. Using some sort of lookup/search in MEP to find the orange.

I also seem to be having very inconsistent results with the Wait for Web Page command and have now resorted to just waiting for time.


I really need to master the Webpage button issue as I use the internet for most of my work from accounting in Xero.com, Google Sheets, timekeeping, gmail etc etc. If any of you whizzkids have a bullet proof method that I can use I will definitely buy the product.


Hopefully, thanks in advance!


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I looked at CTRL-F but am struggling how to get the focus from the search box to the word in the button that I need to push.


Try navigating to static text or a hypertext link near the search box, and then Tab or Shift Tab to it. Something like this:


Type CONTROL + f

Wait 250 milliseconds

Type Surname{ENTER}

Wait 250 milliseconds

Type ESC

Wait 250 milliseconds


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